Prevent Sinkholes on Your Property

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When you spend time, effort and money to create a beautiful yard, you don't want flooding or sinkholes to ruin it. Luckily, Upmost Cement has a great solution for you. We build retaining walls for clients in the Plymouth Charter Twp & Northville, MI area.

Retaining walls support soil on sloped surfaces in order to create more usable space, prevent soil erosion and reduce the likelihood of sinkholes or drainage issues. You'll be glad you hired us to add one to your yard. Plan your retaining wall installation project with us today.

Put your retaining wall project in expert hands

Don't leave your retaining wall installation to just anybody. You should choose Upmost Cement for your project because...

We have over eight years of experience

We're fully licensed and insured

We offer one-year warranties

We can also handle retaining wall repairs

We use superior building materials

You'll have a sturdy and visually appealing retaining wall on your property in no time. Schedule a consultation with our contractors today.